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Project Service has over twenty five years a point of reference in the design and implementation of systems combined hardware and firmware / software platforms microprocessor (Renesas-Hitachi-Mitsubishi, Microchip, Atmel, Silicon Labs, TI, ST Microelectronics) with support for FPGA (Lattice , Altera, Quick Logic) or through embedded systems (x86, WinCE).
The company develops custom solutions for specific customer needs; after careful preliminary analysis of the technical specifications and the feasibility study of the product, followed by actions of engineering / software and hardware development, aiming to realize the ideas and expectations of the customers to get the required product.
Project Service, in its industry is known for its ability to adapt the best technological context to the request of customers; In fact, the continuous research of new technologies can improve the quality of services offered to maintain high the customer satisfaction either their appropriate capabilities to changing market conditions.
Project Service is proposed as a professional, dynamic and specialized in the development and implementation of new projects in a variety of applications and is proud to boast the construction of many types of products, already in use at several customers, among whom there were industries in the sector industrial and defense both civil, electro-medical and aesthetic field.
The products developed, manufactured and distributed by Project Service is a guarantee of success and advanced design, which are preferred for the advantageous quality / price ratio.
The brand Project Service is present since 1985, a fact that over the years has always distinguished itself in the field of innovation and professionalism ranks among the top of its class for quality and product performance in the electronics industry. 
The company also provides after-sales service and proper care.
The company has, in its sole place of Seriate (BG) in appropriate areas where they carry out the tasks of business processes.
The strengths that make the Project Service, despite its modest size, an organization with full autonomy in design and production, a fact duly recognized both for its innovative technical aspects for both the commercial fairness with which meets the demands of their customers are many and among them emerge:
  • a clear organization
  • use of highly qualified personnel
  • equipment and instruments used, always up to meet the needs of customers

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