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Project Service offers itself as a trusted partner to companies looking for a company able to realize an idea into a functional design, keeping pace with new technologies according to customer requirements. 
Project Service is able to coordinate all phases of R & D of a project by providing its services: 
  • Analysis of customer needs 
  • Feasibility Study (Cost Analysis & timing) 
  •  Hardware Design (Schematic, Master, CAM3D) 
  • Implementation PCB (Samples & Productions) 
  • Firmware development specifically for microcontrollers (Assembler, C + +, C #) 
  • Software development for Windows, OSX & Embedded (WinCE, Android) 
  • Production: mount (SMD & PTH), electrical testing & functional prototypes, samples & production. 
  • Technical assistance 
  • Tracking evolution of the project 
  • Re-engineering hardware, firmware & software 
In addition to the high quality standards of the services and products offered, Project Service stands out for the speed and effectiveness of their choices by reducing the time to market of the product.


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