Custom (Industrial)

Customer requirements, a civil engineering manufacturer: Initially inclined to use a market product (PLC) to create their equipment, they quickly realised the limitations / lack of flexibility / dimensions and costs of the same. The idea was therefore to create a product that combined the programmability and modularity of a PLC with the functionalities that …

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Custom (Environmental)

Customer requirements, an environmental sector manufacturer: Reconstruction of a pre-existing application. We re-designed the board, bringing the past solutions technologically up to date, maintaining the same mechanical dimensions and adding new functions. This project was the subject of evolutionary maintenance due to the obsolescence of a part-number used on the previous version of the product. …

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Custom (Other)

Customer requirements: Initially supported by an overseas supplier, after one year of development without tangible results, we took over the project to complete product development. The customer was looking for a new technological solution that could combine performance/connectivity and longevity. The focus of this project was to understand what had been completed effectively up to …

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Custom (Medical)

Customer requirements, a medical sector manufacturer: Design and creation of an ad-hoc custom hardware solution that can pilot up to 5 laser heads at the same time for physiotherapy treatments for medical use and sports injuries. The focus of this project was the design of the power section; the small mechanical dimensions required an in-depth …

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Custom (Cosmetics)

Customer requirements, a cosmetics manufacturer: To switch from a monochrome graphic solution to a capacitive colour solution. We focused on providing a technologically advanced solution in terms of “user experience” and connectivity. It was necessary to improve the product’s market appeal. Phases carried out: Definition of functions required for retro-compatibility The creation of new diagrams …

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The PJS-UM15M7-EVAL supports the SOM UM15M7, allowing easy access to all the available I/O ports. The carrier board is supplied at 12V DC, all power supplies to the SOM and peripherals are generated on the board. The UM15M7-EVAL speeds up the evaluation time of the UM15M7 module, providing an excellent starting point for creating your …

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The Project Service UM15M7 Board is based on an ST STM32F746NG (ARM Cortex-F7) processor and is suitable for a vast range of industrial applications. The PJS-UM15M7-STM32 is a high-performance SOM designed to provide a flexible platform for embedded applications that require that kind of connectivity, such as high calculating power and graphics processing applications.

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