We create electronic set-to-market products and handle the project’s domain from conception to market operation.

Trust us with your project. We offer a guaranteed lifetime of at least 10 years.

Product Conception

The product conception stage is a process that must consider several different aspects: market research, feasibility and adoption of the most modern technologies.

We support you during this stage in the following ways:

  • We assess your requirements
  • We carry out the design
  • We carry out the design
  • We set out the design specifications
  • We identify time-scales and costs.

We take part in the biggest trade fairs every year. This is where we gather information on new products available on the international marketplace. We are able to offer you different options that consider:

  • Qualiy
  • Price
  • Lifetime
  • The ability to update the product

We aim to be certain that the product we wish to develop won’t be surpassed in the near future. This is why it is important to identify the right components that will guarantee scalability from the outset.

We guarantee a product lifetime of at least 10 years.

Hardware Design

We develop customized solutions that guarantee product performance in line with initial specifications.

Our board design services include:

  • The design of electrical layouts using dedicated professional software packages (e.g. Altium)
  • The design of Digital, Analogue and Power boards
  • The design and Streamlining of PCBs
  • Hardware Testing & Debugging
  • The mechanical integration of Hardware
  • Operating tests and design validation
  • The redaction of Project documentation
  • Traceability and life-cycle (Subversion)

Firmware & Software Design

The development of firmware and software requires the ability to interpret the needs of the end user. Our basic structures are designed to offer the best user experience. This aspect gives the designed products their distinctive character and contributes to their market success.

  • The development of firmware in C/C++ language on Cortex-M architectures: Microchips, ST, NXP etc.
  • The development of firmware in VHDL language on Altera and Xilinx platforms
  • Operating System Support: Linux Embedded & FreeRTOS
  • Software development (text-based and graphic languages: C, C++, C#, .Net, VisualBasic)
  • Integration, coding & debugging activities for hardware, firmware and software
  • Operating tests and design validation
  • Traceability and life-cycle (Subversion)
  • Type and qualification testing

Prototype & Production

Once we have arrived at a prototype creation stage, we’ll establish the optimum number of samples required to assess the level of industrialization and engineering of the finished product.

In this phase, the effectiveness of the dialogue between us and the customer is key to the success and reliability of the product. We provide the customer with the tools required to measure performance and functionality.

In summary, the prototyping and production phase includes:

  • Prototyping / Sampling and pre-series production
  • Product engineering and industrialisation
  • The creation of testing and functional validation apparatus
  • Duration tests, process/product FMEA

After-Sales Support

The speed of technological product’s evolution surprises us every year. We take part in the main trade fairs worldwide and we keep ourselves up to date with trade magazines and portals. Updating is an integral part of our work. Our customers appreciate our ability to develop products and maintain their operation over time. Our work doesn’t end with the production stage.

During the product’s life cycle, we carry out activities such as:

  • Re-engineering or redesign of electronic boards
  • Protection against obsolescence and monitoring of components at risk of obsolescence
  • Repair and fault analysis services
  • Evolutionary Product Maintenance

On the rare occasions that a supplier decides to issue an EOL (End of Life) for a critical component, we inform our customers and propose new procurement options.

We support our customers even in this delicate phase in order to guarantee market presence.

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