Founded in 2016, Mad Engineering was set up primarily to provide a complete firmware and software service for Hardware made by Project Service.
Mad Engineering is a trusted partner in the development and creation of firmware applications for real-time embedded systems based on ARM architecture.
The consolidation of the team and its continuing growth in terms of people and skills make it an ideal partner for all businesses looking for dedicated support during the creation of their own embedded applications.

ELIOS s.r.l.

ELIOS srl is a PMI specialised in advanced processing systems for industrial and automotive applications.
ELIOS was created out of the desire to transfer cutting edge technologies into multi-disciplinary areas, where technological progress, optimisation and reliability are reflected in ever-increasingly challenging specifications for conventional technologies.
In collaboration with Project Service srl, they develop industrial applications equipped with advanced man-machine interfaces.
The two businesses together offer a vertical design service, from functional specifications up to product engineering, including electronic design, functional verification and the development of applications for micro-controllers or FPGA

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