2021: Project Service is Microchip Technology Inc. design partner

2021: Project Service is Microchip Technology Inc. design partner

Project Service is Microchip Technology Inc. design partner

For years Project Service has focused its projects on Microchip Technology Inc. embedded systems. Who’s not aware of this high skilled company based in Chandler (Arizona) that serves more than 125,000 producers worldwide and that works for various sectors (from automotive, to telecommunication, and aerospace)? Working on these embedded systems we were so concentrated on daily exchange of information that we’ve nearly missed how much our relationship was extended to something more than an ordinary supplier/client affair. And this is exactly how it happened that we’ve moved from a positive and constructive collaboration to a real partnership..

Since last 8th of February we’ve actually joined the Microchip Technology ecosystem. It’s not about a formal partnership, as many others exist, but it is a program focused on the development of our activities and of which we will be the main character as the design partner. An authentic sinergy that will take genuine advantages to our clients.

Owning the early access to all new innovations that will be released on the market, give us the opportunity to decrease the time-to-market and to ensure a high level of technology indeed. We will get in touch with Microchip Technology internal technical departments and we’ll be able to provide solutions to all set of problems that any innovative product necessarily have to deal with, in a further explored and rapid procedure.

As part of the Microchip Technology ecosystem, it is a great honor and opportunity that will increase furthermore our expertise.

In such a complex year as the one we are experiencing, during which building relationships have been put to test and needed deep and prompt transformations, this partnership gives us new lymph. Project Service has reached an important target. Not only for us, but for all our clients who will benefit from it.

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