Electronic board for the medical sector

Customer requirements, a medical sector manufacturer: Design and creation of an ad-hoc custom hardware solution that can pilot up to 5 laser heads at the same time for physiotherapy treatments for medical use and sports injuries.

The focus of this project was the design of the power section; the small mechanical dimensions required an in-depth thermal analysis and design in order to ensure efficiency and functional stability.

Another fundamental point, given the size of the power loads involved, was to satisfy the electromagnetic compatibility test for the purposes of the medical certification.

Phases carried out:

  • Pre-analysis of customer requirements leading to the drawing up of project specifications analysed and validated by both parties.
  • Selection and testing of technological solutions for comparison
  • The creation of new diagrams validated by the customer
  • Design and streamlining of PCBs (Critical points to observe: mechanical footprint and position of peripherals).
  • Creation of samples for hardware validation.
  • On-site training to make the customer independent in developing their own application.
  • Design validation and mass production.

Technical specifications

  • Piattaforma basata ARM-Cortex M4
  • RS232
  • Ingressi / Uscite digitali industriali opto-isolate
  • Ingressi ADC 16-Bit +/-5V
  • Ingressi per sensori di temperatura
  • Uscite di potenza dedicate pilotaggio LED

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